How to play case status table-tennis with Cisco TAC

The problem

have you ever had an open TAC case with Cisco, just waiting for them to provide either a solution or some other kind of feedback, and all that happens is that the TAC engineer sends you an email telling you that they “have work in progress” or something else not-making-the-case-evolve?

If so, I guess you have seen that the moment the engineer sends you an email, you also get a case update email telling you that the case has changed status to “customer pending”.

And that is a bit evil. I am pretty sure that more often than not, the reason for the engineer to send that email to you is not to tell you something, but to to actually change the case status. I have a feeling that the engineers effeciency is measured in how long the case is “Cisco pending” and as soon as the case is put over to the customer side, it is “all cool”. just like throwing a burning ball between two perssons. Or like a chess-clock that measure the time spent on each side.

The solution

The best way to handle this is to get even with their own weapons. Last week I had a mail dialogue with TAC that looked like this:

TAC: we are working on the information You sent. we will get back to you tomorrow.
[case status: Customer pending]

Me: thank you very much, I appretiate it.
[case status: customer updated -> Cisco pending]

TAC: you are welcome. have a nice day.
[case status: Customer pending]

Me: you too…
[case status: customer updated -> Cisco pending]

TAC: thank you very much!
[case status: Customer pending]

Me: please do not answer this email, since it changes the status of the case to “Customer pending”, which does NOT reflect the current situation.
[case status: customer updated -> Cisco pending]


I won!!! 🙂

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