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Cisco ASA hairpinning

Cisco Pix/ASA hairpinning The term hairpinning comes from the fact that the traffic comes from one source into a router or similar devices, makes a U-turn and goes back the same way it came. Visualize this and you see something

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Asymmetric routing in ASA – TCP state bypass

Today I continued my work to fully understand MPF (Modular Policy Framework) and found a new cool feature in ASA 8.2: TCP State Bypass. By bypassing TCP state machine for certain traffic you can get around problems with asymettricrouting. In

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CCIE Security – Creating vlans on a router

I just tried to create a third L3-interface in one of my C1811-routers. These are equipped with two FastEthernet router-interfaces and one 8-port FastEthernet-switch. Since the latter are L2-interfaces I need to create a vlan and tie that to one

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