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IPv6 address assignment will be messy

I am currently working with developing an introductionary workshop for IT consultant with the subject of IPv6. Scope: A client (windows 7) is connected to an internal network. On the same network there is a router facing internet, and a

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Strange Win7-behavior with AnyConnect and Ipv6

I think Windows 7 behaves strange with AnyConnect and IPv6   I have recently been doing a lot of ipv6-configurations and as part of that I tried out the ipv6-support in the Cisco Anyconnect-client. While doing that I found out

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Private ipv4 addresses as a security reason not to convert to ipv6?

 I while ago I got into a discussion with one of my customers regarding ipv6. He told me that one reason not to migrate to ipv6 was for security.  – I dont want to tell the entire world what IP

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