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Cisco ASA Anyconnect licensing for dummies, updated!

The picture below should be self-explaining. Click it for a larger version. Edit 2014: There was some errors in the logics around AEA-licenses. The picture below is now corrected. Please do not use the old version (v1.1).   Let me

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Cisco IPSec VPN-client ports

“I cannot connect with my Cisco IPSec VPN-client when I am behind a firewall” “I can connect my VPN-client but can´t get any traffic thru” “I have changed the settings on the Transport-tab and now I don´t know which settings

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Quick note: Inactive Anyconnect sessions not removed.

I recently had a TAC-case regarding a Cisco ASA 5510-firewall with Anyconnect-clients which had issues with VPN-clients not being able to connect due to “no address available”. It turned out that the “show vpn-sessiondb anyconnect”-command showed 50+ anyconnect-sessions that were

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Strange Win7-behavior with AnyConnect and Ipv6

I think Windows 7 behaves strange with AnyConnect and IPv6   I have recently been doing a lot of ipv6-configurations and as part of that I tried out the ipv6-support in the Cisco Anyconnect-client. While doing that I found out

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Cisco Anyconnect for Iphone!

For those of you that haven´t heard – Cisco Anyconnect VPN client for Iphone is finally released! /Jimmy

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