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SSH to Cisco ASA fails, unable to negotiate, no matching key exchange method found.

Short story: With SSH-clients based on OpenSSH 7.0 (like my OSX Mac) I cannot connect with SSH to a Cisco Firewall. To connect anyway I must add the parameter -oKexAlgorithms=+diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 to ssh. sha1 is deprecated as hash algoritm and should

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Cisco ASA builtin scp server

The Cisco ASA contains a builtin scp server. By enabling that you can use the scp protocol to transfer files to and from the server using an scp client. scp is a secure file transfer protocol. It is almost like

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How to setup ssh keypair authentication in Cisco ASA

I created a short video on how to configure Cisco ASA to allow a CLI user to authenticate with RSA keypair when connecting with SSH instead of username/password. See video below. In short, this is how to do it: username

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Another missing ASA-feature: telnet and ssh client

Every single decent Cisco-device on earth has the ability to make an CLI-user jump to another device with telnet or ssh. Except the ASA. I really wish that this feature could be added. Right now I am troubleshooting a firewall

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