Open labs

Our OpenLabs enviroment is available to pre-registered customers only. If you are interrested in purchasing access to the labs, please send me an email.

This lab setup is based on VMWare. All devices that can be configured are virtual which means that you cannot destroy anything. You will have acccess to each labs VM:s via the vCenter web gui where you will be able to restart vm:s, revert snapshots and so on. All vm:s are prepared with a baseline snapshot that contains all pre-configurations needed for the lab.

Currently available labs:

  • Hack that Windows box
    • You have console access to a full-blown Kali Linux. There is an Ubuntu Linux host that can be used for pivoting and your goal is to hack a Windows box.
  • Cisco ASA IPSec Site2Site
    • Your task is to configure two Cisco ASA firewalls and setup an IPSec site2site VPN between two sites, connecting two computers, one at each site.
  • Checkpoint basic configuration
    • Install a virtual Checkpoint Gaia R80 firewall using the pre-downloaded ISO. You have console access to the Checkpoint and on the inside interface there is a Windows host that can be used for configuring the firewall. Your goal is to make the inside host access internet via the firewall in a secure way.
  • Many more labs to come… 🙂


Access information

In order to access these labs you need the following software on your computer:

  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN client (can be installed when connected the first time)
  • VmWare Remote Console software

Before accessing the lab you need a personal VPN login to our environment as well as a time-limited pod/lab-specific login to our vCenter server. When you have the login needed use this getting-started guide to connect for the first time.

Good luck!


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