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Basic ASA Lan2Lan VPN Example

Or – ASA Lan2Lan-VPN for dummies.   I often get questions related to Lan2Lan-tunnels in ASA. This post serves as a cheat-sheet for different software versions. Pix v6.x   isakmp enable outside isakmp policy 1 authentication pre-share isakmp policy 1

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Config example: Vanilla static ipsec vpn with crypto map

(Topology here) This is the far most common implementation of IPSEC Lan2Lan (at least in my world). It uses static crypto-maps applied to outbound interface of each router. A proxy-acl defines interresting traffic, authentication is done with a pre-shared key

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GRE-tunneling between two IOS-routers.

The last days I´ve been playing with GRE-tunnels (just to prepare myself for testing DMVPN). I did a simple GRE-tunnel between two routers (split apart with a firewall simulating internet) and made EIGRP flow thru the the tunnel. It´s really

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