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Stuck with an auth-proxy task

Hello I am currently working on a task (INE CCIE Security WB 1 Task 2.9) where I am supposed to configured an radius-based IOS auth-proxy. The task is this:   Configure Authentication PRoxy settings on R3 per the following requirements.

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Doing mean thing on your router?

line con 0 exec-timeout 0 0 autocommand reload /quiet autocommand-options delay 20 !

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EzVPN Server on IOS in three different flavous

Comparizon between 3 different ways to configure EzVPN on IOS. Example 1: EzVPN-server vanilla-style aaa new-model ! ! aaa authentication login default none aaa authentication login AAA-AUTHEN local aaa authorization network default none aaa authorization network AAA-AUTHOR local ! !

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Cisco ACL logging with cookies

The cookie-feature of logging in router access-lists is new for me and I fell in love with it at first sight! I don´t know how often I debug complexe acls trying to find where specific traffic hits. By adding a

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CCIE Security – Creating vlans on a router

I just tried to create a third L3-interface in one of my C1811-routers. These are equipped with two FastEthernet router-interfaces and one 8-port FastEthernet-switch. Since the latter are L2-interfaces I need to create a vlan and tie that to one

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