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Cisco IPSec VPN-client ports

“I cannot connect with my Cisco IPSec VPN-client when I am behind a firewall” “I can connect my VPN-client but can´t get any traffic thru” “I have changed the settings on the Transport-tab and now I don´t know which settings

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Basic ASA Lan2Lan VPN Example

Or – ASA Lan2Lan-VPN for dummies.   I often get questions related to Lan2Lan-tunnels in ASA. This post serves as a cheat-sheet for different software versions. Pix v6.x   isakmp enable outside isakmp policy 1 authentication pre-share isakmp policy 1

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ASA-generated traffic – part2

  In my previous post I successfully made ASA-generated traffic go into an VPN-tunnel. The catch with that was that the traffic (in my case: radius) was sources from the interface closest to the destination (outside) and I had to

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ASA-generated traffic thru Lan2Lan-tunnel?

Recently I got an request from a Cisco ASA customer who wanted to authenticate VPN-users with a remote Radius-server. Using Radius is piece of cake, but those of us that have been working with Cisco Pix/ASA for a while know

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ASA user authentication with Active Directory

Most often we Cisco-guys uses radius or tacacs when we are about to do authentication of users. But did you know that doing authentication from VPN to a user-database in an Active Directory doesn´t require IAS, ACS or any third

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