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Cisco ASA firewall and ICMP traffic

In this video I explain how ICMP Traffick (like pings, echo, echo-reply) is handled in the firewall. The ICMP packets are being handled in 3 different ways depending if the traffic is to the box, from the box or thru

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ASA Nat behavior with multiple public ip ranges changed after upgrade

I recently upgraded a customer ASA from v8.2 to 9.0 and while doing that I found out that some (yeah!) of the static NAT translations didn´t work after the upgrade. Skilled ASA-upgraders knows that this happens a lot. That´s why

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Perverted NAT

This is probably the most perverted form of NAT I have ever done. <flamebait> But, it serves as a proof that with proper NAT there is no need for routing </flamebait>   Scope: There is a Cisco ASA running code

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Doing some magic translations in Cisco ASA

I recently got a question from a collegue regarding address translations in Cisco ASA. He wrote: Got a question from a customer if you can do the following: 1. NAT the . IP address of a machine located on the

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