WLC2100 and ASA 5505 uses same hardware. Can they be converted?

I wonder if one can convert a Cisco Wireless Controller 2106 into an ASA 5505 or vice versa. It seems to be the same hardware. Anyone that knows if there is any burned-in differences, or is it just a matter of replacing the software?


I will try to swap the CF-card in an ASA5505 with one from an WLC and see what happens. Stay tuned.




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8 comments on “WLC2100 and ASA 5505 uses same hardware. Can they be converted?
  1. Wan_lan Engineer says:

    Hi – I just got my hands on a WLC  2106.  Have you had any luck?  I would love to make in an ASSA 5505!  Thanks

  2. Ppe1700 says:

    Any luck??

    • Nope, I haven´t had time to try it out. But a collegue of mine told me that there is a chip on the motherboard on each device that is EPROM:ed to what hardware it is, which means that the project is probably a failure…

  3. Joe says:

    Wow.. this is really old, but I can’t NOT comment… If you even thought of attempting this just because they have the same form factor and look similar… you are a real IDIOT…

  4. Linda says:

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  5. Paul says:

    Joe’s comment is very stupid and full of non sense. Just because you know more about the architecture of the product doesn’t mean you have to continue to post similar posts. Many open source projects start because people try new a things and combine concepts. People believed Abraham Bell to be crazy when he attempted to transfer voice over a cable and now we have phones, mobile phones and VoIP. “A person without a practical end in view becomes a crank or an idiot”. In this case I believe you are the idiot, but there is hope, I hope…

  6. cAL says:

    Came across the 5505 and 2106 recently and must say that I was surprised that the hardware is exactly the same. Checked the chips and placement and labels, all of them are identical.

    I’d say that the must be a way to convert them one way or the other, but that probably require a utility or some specific command so to allow you to load WLC os into an ASA or vice versa. I’d guess that probably Cisco engineers will know the details. They can’t really be having a separate production line to make different products. Just like some of their hardware uses IBM or HP rebranded server, and some sort of specific or stripped down BIOS to add/bypass certain features.

    Well… By now, the 2106 and ASA5505 already EOL, and Cisco got smarter now and push out their own unique hardware. I’m somewhat disappointed by how quickly their thing goes EOL and obsolete. They’re very expensive when new, so for some newbie trying to know them is impractical. And simply reading the doc can make you “House rich but cash poor”….

    Still, wouldn’t that be nice if you can turn 5505 into 2106 and use some 1141N at home with one per floor for the years to come.


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