RSS-feeds with partial content sucks!

I am fan of RSS readers. I use Google Reader all the time to keep track of interresting blog and news sites. Actually, i rarely visit blog sites direct, just from my RSS reader. And I love it.


But there are a few really good blogs that are configured not to post the full blog posts in their RSS stream. And this sucks. Here is an example:


Screen dump of Router Freak blog from RSS Reader

Screen dump of Router Freak blog from RSS Reader

What happens when I come to these entries is either:

  1. I read the ingress of the blog post. Find it really interresting and click the header that links me away from my RSS reader to the actual site where I continue to read ‘the full story’.
  2. I read the ingress. Find it (probably, because the feed is in my reader) somewhat readworthy but doesnt care about reading the full post because that will link me away from the reader.


What happens more and more often is #2 above. And that´s sad. Because I really like to read what good bloggers writes. But I wanna do it in my reader.


So please, configure your RSS feed to contain the text of the ENTIRE blog post, not just the first x bytes… If it is more interresting for you to have me seeing your ad-banners on your page (which I only do if i make a ‘real’ visit) than it is for you to have me read your content, sorry You´ve lost me as a reader.



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