Missing feature: Cisco ASA dhcp static leases

Cisco ASA has an built-in dhcp-server that can become handy in some situations. Corporate deployments almost certainly contains one or more servers and especially when it comes to Windows networks I wouldn’t recommend anything else than a proper server-based dhcp-server.

In smaller implementations however, the youngest sibling in the ASA family, 5505 is often the only network equipment on-site and for those purposes the dhcp-server functionality is quite neat.

One feature I miss a lot in ASA dhcp-server is the ability to do static leases. I often get questions like

“We use dhcp for simple mobility of our laptops and uses the ASA dhcp-server at remote locations. But I wanna permit or deny certain traffic for one specific computer, and want to make sure that he/she always gets the same IP. How do I solve this? And by the way, don’t tell me to configure that computer with static IP because then it doesn’t work when the user moves the pc to another network.”

And the simple answer to this is: Sorry, you can’t. Because ASA dhcp-server doesnt do static leases.

Cisco, can we have this feature pretty please with sugar on top?

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    • Debra says:

      olimalia, je le sais bien, hélas ! Et il risque d’y avoir des problèmes en raison de la forte opposition des intégristes. Une solution : la &lnsuo; qemaine&absp;» de travail sur trois jours ?

  1. Merci beaucoup pour cet article, j’ai appris une chose !

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