IOS Archive feature

What changes have been done since last “wr mem”? Or more like; what differences are there between running-config and startup-config?

Use the archive-feature!

r2#sh arch conf diff nvram:startup-config system:running-config
Contextual config diffs:
line vty 0 4
+transport input all
+transport output all
line vty 0 4
-transport input telnet
-transport output all

Wanna make periodic backups of the router config to local flash?

Use the archive-feature!

r1#sh run | sect archive
log config
record rc
logging enable
path flash:backup
time-period 86400

You can of course archive the config to an external server instead…

r1(config-archive)#path ?
flash: Write archive on flash: file system
ftp: Write archive on ftp: file system
http: Write archive on http: file system
https: Write archive on https: file system
pram: Write archive on pram: file system
rcp: Write archive on rcp: file system
scp: Write archive on scp: file system
tftp: Write archive on tftp: file system


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