Cisco ASA memory Upgrade

Newer versions of Cisco ASA requires more memory. Running anyconnect with multiple platform support requires more flash-memory than built in. There are memory upgrades available for purchase from which I highly recommend. However, for lab-purposes any DDR memory and CompactFlash-card will do. Have a look in my lab gear.


First, an ASA5505. On the overview photo below you can see that it has one single DDR memory-slot (to the far lower right corner on the picture). I have tried both 512Mb-modules and 1Gb-modules and both worked fine. Even if it is not visible from outside there is also an CF-slot. Remove the cover and replace the current CF-module with a bigger. I have tried both 2Gb and 4Gb-modules with success.


Picure of ASA5505 internals. Note the CF-slot in the bottom part and the memory to the right.


Picture of upgraded memory module from an ASA5505


ASA5510 comes in different flavours depending on hardware revision. Older versions have 4 memory slots that needs to be filled with pairs of identical modules. In newer revisions there are only one single memory slot, and I guess (but I am not sure) that it support larger memory modules!


Picture of label on top of an Revision 01 ASA5510.


Picture of an ASA5510 Revision 01 filled with 2x512Mb. Note the disk1: CF-card accessible from outside and the internal disk0: CF-module just adjacent to in in the bottom of the picture.

Picture of the memory-modules I use in an ASA5510 Revision 01.


Picture of an ASA5510 Revision 03-label.

Picture of an Revision 03 ASA5510 with one single memory slot.


Picture of the memory module I use in an ASA5510 revision 03.

Again, remember that third party memory modules are not supported from Cisco. I strongly discourage using non-supported hardware in any production environment!


And one final note: When you replace the CF-module you will notice that your current startup-config as well as the activation-key are gone. To avoid this, take your old original CF-card and put it in your computer. Make sure that your computer shows “hidden files“. Copy all content from the old module (maybe via a folder on your computer if you can only insert one CF at a time) and paste it back to your brand new large CF. And voila, all licensing and config are visible to the ASA! Also. On 5510+ there are double CF-slots: one internal and one external. Replace the external and address it as disk1:, put all large files there and your startup-config as well as hidden files containing your licenses will be untouched on the internal CF-card, addressed as disk0:

To Håkan: This is the memory module I bought. J

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2 comments on “Cisco ASA memory Upgrade
  1. D says:

    Hi and thanks for the great post! I just wanted to ask if you had by chance tried to test whether the 5510 REV01 supports 2x1G rather than 512MB of memory? I know it is not officially supported, but I was wondering if it’ll work anyway?

    Many thanks in advance!

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