Cisco ASA daily backup with Embedded Event Manager

Did you know that you can use the EEM Embedded Event Manager in Cisco ASA (from v9.1) to schedule a daily backup of the firewall running-config to an external server?

In this example I backup the configuration once daily to my local FTP server but backups can be sent to TFTP, SCP, SMB and other file locations as well. Very handy!


event manager applet backupconfig
 event timer absolute time 13:52:00
 action 0 cli command "copy /noconfirm running-config ftp://asabackup:asabackup@"
 output none
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One comment on “Cisco ASA daily backup with Embedded Event Manager
  1. Doug says:

    Is there an equivalent for ASA running on 9.1(7) codes?

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