What about wiping your firewall for breakfast?

You know how it is? You are typing so fast making changes in you cisco gear you not always pay attention to which mode you are in? Doing config-command in exec-level, exec-commands in config-level and adding “do” in front just to make them pass? Wanna know if that happens to fast and you are in the wrong place doing the wrong time?

Below I am in system context of a multi context ASA firewall. My intention is to do something with a context. I go into config mode and then into the context definition of the context I wanna change. What if I get interrupted or whatever and enter the “conf t”-command in the context configuration mode?

act# sh mode
Security context mode: multiple
act# conf t
act(config)# context LEFT
act(config-ctx)# conf t
INFO: Converting t to disk0:/t
WARNING: Could not fetch the URL disk0:/t
INFO: Creating context with default config
INFO: Admin context will take some time to come up .... please wait.

Congrats! Your firewall is gone!

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