Todays question: Whats within the scope of the task?

Todays lab-preparations was dealing with IPS. But it could be OSPF or english grammar or anything. What I am learning nowadays when working with IPExpert Workbooks has not much todo with technology. I pretty much know how to configure stuff. The big challenges for me are to understand the scope of the task and not to ruin what´s already been built.

Many tasks in the worksbooks are like:

  • Configure X between router R1 and router R2.

Sounds easy as long as you know how to configure X, right? But should X be used for all traffic that crosses the path between R1 and R2, including traffic generated far behind R1 and destined to somewhere hops behind R2? Or should X just be configured to handle traffic sourced from R1 itself and destined to the actual R2-router (and vice versa)? And if, should traffic generated from ANY R1/R2-interfaces be included in the scope of the task, including loopbacks?

I have no answer yet. If I look into the solution guides it can be all of the above…

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