Once upon a time I had a Bästis.

Once upon a time I had a Bästis. It´s swedish for “The Best Friend”.  We spent day and night together. We shared everything and got to know eachother like noone else. It was 25 years ago, but still it feels like yesterday. Today I don´t think about him very much. In fact I´ve forgotten that he ever existed. Isn´t it scary?

But, all of a sudden we ran into eachother. At first I didn´t recognize him. But when I did I couldn´t leave. So many memories!

I am sure that I have aged. Last week my wife told me that I am getting grey hair. But he. He havent changed a bit! The same look as 25 years ago! Isn´t it amazing?

Floppy, 10Mb MFM hard drive, greenish text. Yihaa!

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