Introduction to practical ethical hacking

with start in the end of January I will run an “Introduction to practial ethical hacking” course online. Wanna join? Let me know!

Target audience: IT professionals normally *not* in the security area. If you work with networking, servers, storage or end user support and you feel that you want to know more about security and hacking in general, this is for you.

Goal: To better understand various hacking techniques using open source tools such as Kali Linux.

Purpose: In order to apply security thinking in your daily work this course will work as an eye opener.

How: Every week you will get information such as written text, pre-recorded videos and other resources. You will also get one or more tasks to finish. These tasks are always something practical to perform, such as performing a hack using the instructions given. The outcome of each task must be handed in in order to get a certificate of completion.

You will run your own hacking tools (Kali Linux and more) in your own computer, preferably as a virtual machine. You will connect with a VPN client to our isolated hacking lab where all hacks will take place.

An exerpt of the task list:

* Learn and use nmap to scan vulnerable hosts.
* Crack password protected wifi
* Use various vulnerability scanners
* Brute force web pages
* Network hacking (DTP, STP, ARP Poisioning, MiTM)
* SSH Pivoting
* Privilege escalation
* Malware payload generation
* Web server and web-code security

And much more!

Course length: 12-14 weeks (yet to be finalized)

Work required: 3-5 hours of work per week. At you own pace, whenever it suits you best.

Included in the work:
* Links to all software needed
* Pre-recorded video lessons explaining every weeks topic
* Answers to your written questions
* If requested, one 15 minute 1-on-one mentorship per week using Skype or similar.
* Lifetime access to all my Udemy courses

Price: USD 995 (8500 SEK) per attendee. VAT excluded. Payment via invoice or paypal at course start.

Refund policy: Full refund before 10% of the class´s elapsed time.

This course will be run with limited seats available, and seats will be reserved on a first-com, first-serve basis.


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