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How to create SSL CSR and install Certificate on Cisco ASA

Mental note: how to request SSL certificate on Cisco ASA:   Verify that time is accurate vpn# sh clock 06:46:19.172 GMT Fri Dec 4 2015 vpn# vpn# sh run ntp ntp server x.x.x.x source outside ntp server x.x.x.x source outside

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Default login for virtual Cisco FirePower Management Server

Mental note: The default login and password for a virtual Firepower Managment Server, FireSight, is admin and Admin123, nothing else. Took me quite a while to google.

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I have created a simple script that runs dnscheck regularily and sends me an email when dnscheck finds any errors. By doing this I am notified if a zone transfer breaks, DNSSec-signatures gets outdated or any other anomalies in the

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ASA 9.2 and Heartbleed

Short after the openssl Heartbleed vurnearability was publiced Cisco announced that Cisco ASA was NOT affected by Heartbleed because it runs an older version of OpenSSL.   Today, 2014-04-25, Cisco updated its Feature-list of Cisco ASA software versions with the

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DNSSec Zone signing

This is what happens when a zone is signed with DNSSec: 2 Keypairs are created, named ZSK and KSK. The public keys ZSKpub and KSKpub are added to the zone file as DNSKEY RR:s All existing entries in the zone

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