Well, thats a question I ask myself sometimes without getting a really good answer! But as an introduction to this blog and you readers I´ll try to make an effort to explain in some nice words.

My name is Ola and am 38 years old, single and I live in a very small town somewhere between Stockholm and Gothenburg. I´ve been in the “industry” since 1999 when I took my first steps in IT at a large govermental institution in Sweden. I started up at the helpdesk and worked my way from there. Right now I work as a Senior Infrastucture Consultant @Crayon and my specialities are PKI, Smart Cards and Certificates. But I work with most of Microsofts Infrastructure products aswell as some vendors of software for client protection. And hopefully I can enlighten all you readers some in these areas.

When I´m not working I coach a soccer team in 2 division, try to visit the gym frequently and enjoy to travel. And between that I´m looking for someone to date.. 🙂

Well, thats a short presentation! Hope you enjoy my efforts to make this blog a little certificate friendly.. 🙂

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